A Matter of Salvation

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Jesus words are very explicit on marriage, divorce and remarriage.  The terms used in Matthew 5:32, 19:1-2, Mark 10:1-12 and Luke 16:18 must be clearly and easily understood. He used the term "whosover" or the same word as used in John 3:16 "whosever believeth". He used the term "commiteth" which means is committing.  It is the same fact as given in Romans 7:2-3 when the woman is in adultery "as long as she be married to another man." He uses the term "shall put away"  which is the action of divorcing and it is the part that God hates in Malachi 2:for the Lord, the God of Israel, says he hateth putting away, for one covereth (violence) with a garmet.  Yes divorce is a very violent act and it is covered up mostly for a lifetime without repentance.  Divorce, according to scripture is a treachery or betrayl, and Jesus said it was hard hearted or a decesion to never forgive. Divorce is clearly a violent act against a holy God and a sacred covenant.  Another marriage known as remarriage today is always adultery as long as the covenant partner is living.  Adulterers according to I Cor 6:9 and Galations 5:19., and Jesus words himself, do not enter into the kingdom of God.  There is one and only one resolution to this problem.  That resolution is to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.  Once He is our Lord we will want to obey and honor Him. Staying in a remarriage is to stay in the state of Adultery.  Today most of the church is demanding that there people remain in the state of Adultery.  This does not line up with the will, with the words and the call of Jesus the Christ.

The church as we once knew it is in big trouble.  Who would disagree?  More and more are recognizing that the issue is caused by a morality failure  This failure is due to the people of God not upholding His word on marriage.  Today there comes forth a new wave of God's people who are going back to reestablish the marriage standers held by the church for over 1900 years.  Why do this?  Because it is critical. Jesus said 8 times that another marriage is adultery and we know according to scripture that adulterers do not enter the kingdom of God.This website is a call to repentance to the wayward church to repent from practicing Adultery called remarriage. It is repent or perish!